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LAV-150 APC with 90mm Mecar Gun

LAV-150 APC with 90mm Mecar Gun

The Commando V-150 is a rugged 4x4 wheeled vehicle that achieves speeds of up to 113 km/h . The watertight hull is fully amphibious and needs no preparation for swimming or fording. The V-150 is available in 16 configurations, including command, recovery, mortar, tow, air defense vehicles, and armored personnel carrier. A variety of armament stations can be installed, including most light and medium automatic weapons, missile systems, mortars, and cannons up to 90mm .

Model Dimension     Length: 170.45mm   Width: 68.45mm   Height: 86.15mm
Total Plastic Parts     258pcs


Product no: HB 82421

Scale: 1/ 35
Price: $30.00
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