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AK Interactive

AK Interactive Weathering Paints

For hours of fun why not buy an AK-Interactive Weathering Paints accessory for your favourite project? Choose from the Heavy Muddy Set or the Paneliners weathering set combo, both in stock now at Models & Hobbies 4U in Boronia, Victoria.

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The broad range of AK-Interactive kits for modellers includes the Paneliners weathering set combo with the five colours of the company’s famous paneliners from the AIR Series. Using these you can panel line any aircraft in any base colour or you can use camouflage from all eras without needing the complex mixes or an infinite number of colours.

AK interactive weathering sets that are sold in Australia at Models & Hobbies 4 U, come in a special colour for weathering & ageing models. These include a colour for Panel Lines, Rust, Oil or Mud. There’s also a plaster kit to add more volume and depth to the mud so you can paint your model straight away. You can’t go wrong with AK Interactive rust, crusted rust deposits and Muddy Ground to give your models that complete and realistic finish.

These Weathering Kits also include AK Interactive Starter sets for starters and veteran modellers and come with a pigment based on dark earth colours, so you can mix it with the plaster and the distressed effects for some great additional effects.


Models & Hobbies 4 U is a model and hobby store in Boronia, Victoria where the owner, Chris Hale, has offered a great service to his customers since 1983.

Service before Self is the store motto!


About AK-Interactive Models and Accessories

Spanish company AK-Interactive is one of the largest manufacturers of accessories and painting for modelling. The company also collaborates to produce for other brands, as well as  publishing historical books and models manuals.

The AK-Interactive all-weathering, auxiliary and paint products and the industrial designs, product layout and editing are all done with AK-Interactive technology in the company’s factory and offices in Spain.


Chris is an Ex-Crewman off of HMS Victory so he knows his stuff when it comes to ships and AK- Interactive model accessories! He helped to build and still crews on the Tall Ship Enterprize so it’s no wonder his specialty is modelling wooden ships.


Buy AK Interactive Model accessories for sale today

Chris Hale has years of knowledge about hobbies and models, from AK Interactive model starter kits to veteran modellers’ projects, so why not ask for his professional advice today? Shop online or lose yourself for hours in the Models & Hobbies 4 U store on Boronia Rd, Boronia in Victoria today. If you need advice or information call Chris on (03) 9762 9266 or contact us today.

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