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Robotics Model Kits

Robot Models Brands & Products

We have robot making kits from brands like Robitronics and Tamiya to make your robotics experience a fun and learning based journey. 

If it’s a robotic arm, an actual mechanical robot, or any other robot gear you’re looking for, you’ll find these options good for you.

Most of our robot starter kits are suitable for children over age 10, and can be a great activity to test their imagination and inventing skills.

If you’re interested in brushing up your Mechanics and STEM skills even further, check out our Da Vinci Model kits, Model Rockets, Space Rails and Solar Kit collections.

Robotics & STEM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) is no new concept in education. In fact, more and more kids are taking up STEM studies in the early years of school. 

Robotics is a great way to start learning about STEM on the side. Robots have become an influential part of the world economy and industries, with many key functions now being performed by robots.

For those willing to learn, there is no better way than building your own robot using our DIY robotic kit options available.