Supermarine Seafang F.MK.32

Trumpeter 1/ 48 Supermarine Seafang F.MK.32

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Scale 1/ 48 Brand Trumpeter Overview

Super marine Seafang F.MK.32

The Seafang was essentially a Spiteful redesigned for Royal Navy carrier use, Two prototype Seafang MK.32s were ordered on 12 March 1945 followed by an order for 150 Seafang MK.31s on 7 May 1945.

To expedite entry into service the interim MK.31 was ordered which was a navalised Spiteful, basically a Spiteful with an arrestor hook. This would allow the MK.32 to be developed, it would be the definitive naval variant,with the addition of an arrester hook and with a contra-rotating propeller to eliminate engine torque effects and power folding outer wing panels.

Model Brief
Length:216 mm
Wingspan:224 mm
Total Parts 90+