German Submarine U-Boat Typ XXI

Revell 1/144 German Submarine U-Boat Typ XXI

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U-Boat Type XXI

At the beginning of 1945 with the type XXI Germany had the most advanced submarine in the world at that time. Due to numerous technical innovations it was capable of unlimited underwater travel as the diesel engines drew in the necessary fresh air through a special snort.

It had a linear shape designed for submarine travel and its battery capacity was three times greater, giving it a sensational speed of 17 knots dived. Other innovations were noiseless electric motors for stealth, highly sensitive navigation instruments and 2 cm anti-aircraft gun turrets.

The model has a separate left outer wall to the hull giving an authentic insight into this trail-blazing submarine. Many compartments are represented in accurate detail and also the diesel engines and electric motors.

Views of the control room and living quarters of the crew give an impression of life under water. The decals include details of the interior and markings for the U2540 that went into service on 24.02.1945.

After a short training voyage, on 04.05.1945, the U2540 was scuttled by the crew in the Flensburg Fjord. In 1957 it was raised and served in the Federal German Navy as a test vessel the "Wilhelm Bauer". Today the U2540 can be seen as a museum ship.

- Separate left outer hull wall giving a view into the interior
- Detailed surface structures
- Detailed torpedo compartment
- Crew living quarters
- Detailed control room
- Conning tower with internal structures
- Detailed diesel engines and electric motors
- Battery/accumulator compartments
- Movable diving planes and hydroplanes
- Rotating twin AA gun turrets
- Detailed fin superstructure with antennae, periscope and snort mast
- Authentic decals for U2540 with interior details

No. of parts 163
Length 531 mm
Skill Level 4

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