DORA German 800 mm train gun

Hobby Boss 1/ 72 DORA German 800 mm train gun

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German 800 mm "Dora" train gun


Giant Gustav and Dora, the famous World War II German railway artillery 80CM 2. The gun designed to break through the Maginot Line fortifications and other heavy construction, in 1934, Krupp Arsenal development. The gun weighs about 1,350 tons, shells weighing about 7 tons, a range of 37 km.

Although this gun is necessary condition for battles of France built the Maginot Line, but when it is created, the German army bypassed the Maginot Line has been the fall of France.

Gustav then be shipped to the Soviet Union artillery battle in Baba Rosa plans attacked Sevastopol underground fortifications and later transported to Leningrad and Warsaw. Gustav artillery captured by U.S. forces removed the Dora cannon was eventually seized and dismantled the Soviet Red Army.

Model size

Length: 1111.6mm
Width: 210mm
Part number 1767pcs on 33 sprues