SU-27 SM

Zvezda 1/ 72 SU-27 SM

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SU-27 SM

We proudly present the most-anticipated release of 2014 for lovers of aviation models! This brand-new model was developed by our company using the original blueprints created by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Using the most advanced production techniques, we have created a model of the highest quality and level of detail.

This kit includes one plastic model of a Russian fighter jet.

Historical Notes

The Sukhoi Su-27, known to NATO as the “Flanker”, was introduced into the Soviet Union’s air force in 1985. This agile and sophisticated fighter featured advanced fly-by-wire systems, a 30mm cannon, and 10 missile hardpoints.

There have been numerous variants of the Su-27 design constructed over the years, including the advanced SM model (called “Flanker-B” by NATO) in use by the Russian Air Force since 2004.