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Metal Model Kits

3D Metal Models Australia

Browse our huge selection of 3D metal model kits delivered across Australia.

Explore our collection from two main categories, Metal Earth and Time for Machine, which are made of top-quality model building steel.

In the Metal Earth category, you will find models like:

  • Metal Model Cars 
  • Star Wars Metal Model Kits
  • Star Trek Metal Models
  • Harry Potter Model Kits
  • Marvel Model Kits 
  • Doctor Who Models
  • Game of Thrones Models
  • Space Model Kits
  • Historic Architecture Models

Similarly, the Time for Machine category has engaging machinery building models of trains, aircrafts, tanks and more.

Assembling details:

The models exhibit amazing detail and feature parts cut from at least one 4" square steel sheet. You can follow the instructions provided in the kit to build these models, and they do not need any glue or solder. You can just cut the pieces out and bend the tabs through the corresponding connection points.

If you are looking for something different, You can also check out our other popular category products like wooden model kits and plastic model kits such as model car kits and model aircraft kits.


We also offer kits of Diecast model cars manufactured from superior diecast metal. Check them out to know more!