Ugears Models

The popularity of Ugears models is soaring as people of all ages worldwide enjoy this fascinating hobby. A mechanical model construction project is a fun and educative way to unite the family. All Ugears models and construction kits are made from wood and they’re the natural wooden alternative to plastic builds.


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Ugears Mechanical Models

Ugears mechanical models include a line of luxury mechanical vehicle models including the Dream Cabriolet VM-05, a working model of a 1950s convertible. Or try the Hurdy Gurdy, a model, toy, puzzle and functioning musical instrument in one. Escape into the romance of the equine era with the world-first mechanical walking quadruped, the Horse Mechanoid. It combines Leonardo DaVinci’s ingenuity and is powered by a self-propelled mechanism.

Wooden Puzzle Kits

Puzzles are fascinating hobbies. Ugears’s wooden puzzle kits in 3D are a tribute to the history of the puzzles of old. Check out the exquisite Mechanical Puzzle Treasure Box for jewellery and notes and if you just love unique mechanical devices, the Safe is just for you. Ugears wooden puzzles are manufactured from quality natural wood materials with pre-cut parts ready for assembly, and with no additional tools or materials necessary.

Mechanical Construction Kits

 All Ugears mechanical construction kits come as a flatpack, and you use candle wax as a lubricant. The mechanical construction kits range from a working model chronograph to a tugboat that mimics a working vessel rocking in the water! Ugears Australia provides simple, fun hobbies for the whole family. For more information on any of the Ugears range, call us at Models and Hobbies 4 U on (03) 9762 9266 today!