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World War I Models

Fokker DR 1

Revell Fokker DR 1

$44.95 ea
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I Love Kit FOKKER DR.1

$98.95 ea
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$119.00 ea
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RAAF Sopwith Camel Comic

Eduard RAAF Sopwith Camel Comic

$47.95 ea
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WWI British Infantry

Tamiya WWI British Infantry

$27.95 ea
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WWI British Infantry Set

Tamiya WWI British Infantry Set

$22.95 ea
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WWI Male Tank Mk.I

Airfix WWI Male Tank Mk.I

$15.50 ea
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WWI Sopwith Camel Fighter

Artesania Latina WWI Sopwith Camel Fighter

*** SAVE $54.00 ***
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WWI U.S. Infantry

Airfix WWI U.S. Infantry

$12.95 ea
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Zeppelin P Class

Takom Zeppelin P Class

$59.95 ea
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WW1 Model Kits

Check out our range of WWI model kits. We sell in-demand WWI models like WW1 Model Trenches, WWI Model Airplanes,  WWI tank models, US Army Truck Models, War Ambulances, WWI ANZAC Infantry, British Infantry and other plastic toy soldier figures.

We offer various World War 1 tank model kits such as WW1 Australian tanks, British Tank models, German Tanks, and French Battle tanks.

Our world war1 model kits are perfect for adults and kids and provide educational insight on historic events while also being great for display. 

These kits are available in many scales including 1/16, 1/24, 1/28, 1/32, 1/35, 1/48, 1/72, 1/76 and 1/350.

We offer popular WWI models from brands like Trumpeter, ICM models, Meng, Copper State Models, Revell, Airfix, Artesania Latina, Berkshire Junction, I Love Kit, Academy, Tamiya, and Takom

Grab your favourite WW1 model today and if you're interested, also consider checking out our WW2 Model collection!

World War 1

The first world war began in the summer of 1914, lasted four years, and ended at the end of 1918. At its time, and before the onset of the next great war, WW1 was known as the worst global conflict, with an estimated 14 million soldiers and civilains dying during the war.

The war was fought between two parties:

  • the Allies, consisting of Britain, Russia, France, Japan, Italy and the eventual alliance with the US in 1917.  
  • the Central Powers, inclusive of Germany, Ottoman Empire, & Austria-Hungary

The war came to an end when the Ottoman Empire & Austria-Hungary came to agreements with the Allies, leaving Germany to stand on its own. The end gave way to the dissolution of Russian, Ottoman and Austrian empires, and the creation of Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. The Treaty of Versailles was signed by Germany, admitting defeat and claiming responsibility for the breakout of War. However, the unresolved issues from the conflict are considered to be a reason for the next World War in 1939.