Scalextric Track Australia



$25.95 ea

What better way to give your children an exciting, educational experience than buying them a Scalextric track with famous cars from Australia and elsewhere that race at speed? A durable Scalextric track with miniature racing cars whizzing around as fast as lightning in your lounge or playroom is a thrill they’ll never forget. Scalextric slot cars are built to last, so there are years of pleasure in each tiny car and these tracks and cars suit all ages, even adults.


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Scalextric Track for Sale

A Scalextric track system offers hours of motor racing fun for all ages, with miniature cars racing against each other on special tracks. The cars source their power from a slot in the centre of each lane. Scalextric tracks for sale include a range of different sized track lanes and controllers.

Each Scalextric car is controlled by a user-friendly trigger handset. If you press harder, the car goes faster and you can beat the other cars, but you'll soon learn not to fly off the track on the corners! Beginners can start their collection with a basic track set, then add different cars, accessories and Scalextric track pieces and add on extension packs to build your personalised layout.

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