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Scalextric Slot Car Tracks

What better way to give your children a new, exciting, educational experience than buying them a Scalextric toy track set with famous cars from Australia and elsewhere that race at speed? A durable Scalextric track with miniature racing cars whizzing around as fast as lightning in your lounge or playroom is a thrill they’ll never forget. Scalextric slot cars are built to last, so there are years of pleasure in each tiny car and these tracks and cars suit all ages, even adults.


 At Models & Hobbies 4U, we have all the information you need on Scalextric tracks and slot cars. 
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Scalextric Track for Sale

A Scalextric track system offers hours of motor racing fun for all ages, with miniature cars racing against each other on special tracks. 

Tracks are precision-engineered for smooth racing, featuring slots that guide the cars with exceptional accuracy. This attention to detail ensures a consistent and immersive racing experience. Scalextric tracks are built to withstand countless races. The robust construction ensures longevity and reliability, making them suitable for both casual family fun and competitive racing events.

The cars source their power from a slot in the centre of each lane. Scalextric tracks for sale include a range of different sized track lanes and controllers.

Each Scalextric car is controlled by a user-friendly trigger handset. If you press harder, the car goes faster and you can beat the other cars, but you'll soon learn not to fly off the track on the corners! Beginners can start their collection with a basic track set, then add different cars, accessories and upgrade with the best Scalextric track pieces or add on extension packs to build your personalised layout.

Scalextric offers a variety of track pieces, each serving a specific purpose in creating exciting and diverse racing layouts. Here are some types of Scalextric track pieces available:

  • Standard Straight: These are the basic straight track pieces, available in various lengths, allowing you to create long straightaways for high-speed racing.
  • Standard Curve: Standard curve pieces come in different radii, enabling you to design turns with varying degrees of sharpness to add challenge and variety to your tracks.
  • Hairpin Curve: These track pieces feature tight, 180-degree turns, challenging drivers' control and precision as they navigate these sharp corners.
  • Crossover: Crossover pieces create intersections in your track, adding an element of excitement and potential for collisions as cars cross paths.
  • Lap Counter: Lap counter pieces electronically tally the number of laps completed by each car, providing a competitive edge and adding structure to races.
  • Lane Change Track: These specialised pieces are essential for digital racing. They allow cars to switch lanes during a race, introducing strategy and overtaking opportunities.
  • Starting Grid: Starting grid pieces include starting lights or gantries to initiate races with a realistic countdown, enhancing the racing experience.
  • Track Extension Packs: Scalextric offers extension packs that include a combination of various track pieces, making it convenient to expand your track layout without purchasing individual pieces separately.
  • Borders and Barriers: To enhance safety and prevent cars from falling off the track, Scalextric Track barriers and borders are available in various styles to match your track's theme.
  • Accessories: Scalextric provides a range of accessories, including track maintenance tools, power bases, and connectors to ensure smooth racing operations.

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