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Wilesco Steam Engines Australia

Explore our wide range of Wilesco steam models, that includes the Wilesco steam engine, Steam Traction Engine Kit, Experimental Kit, and more.

  • Our Wilesco steam engine kits include Wilesco D 10 Steam Engine, Wilesco D 12, Wilesco D 14 Steam Engine, and Wilesco D6 Steam engine.

  • We offer Wilesco steam engine accessories such as Wilesco Steam Engine Oil, and dry fuel tablets.

  • Additionally, Wilesco parts and kits include D375 "Old Smoky" kit, D415 Steam Traction Engine Kit, D100E Experimental Kit, etc.

Wilesco is a Toys and metal model kits manufacturing brand. They specialise in manufacturing live steam engines and model toys. The company was founded in 1912 by Wilhelm Schröder in Lüdenscheid, Germany. Wilesco's live steam engines are known for their high quality, precision engineering, and attention to detail. They are popular among hobbyists, collectors, and educators who use them to demonstrate the principles of steam power and mechanics.

In addition to its live steam engines and models, Wilesco also offers a range of accessories, such as lubricants, fuel tablets, and spare parts, to help users maintain and repair their models. Wilesco is renowned for excellence in the live steam engine and model toy industry.

If you have checked out our Wilesco model steam engines and are looking for more options to complete your model building collection, you can browse our steam engines, model trains, and model engine kits.