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Dragon Model Kits

Dragon Models Limited, often referred to as Dragon or DML, is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality plastic model kits. DML was established in Hong Kong in 1987. The company's initial focus was on producing plastic model kits, particularly military models, including model tanks, armoured vehicles, and soldiers.

Dragon expanded its product line to include not only military models but also model aircrafts, ships, cars, and space and science fiction models.

Dragon released a brand-new range of die-cast aircraft models in 2002, known as the Warbirds series. This collection features 1/72 scale fighter aircrafts that span from WWII classics to state-of-the-art contemporary planes. 

Dragon Models Scale Model Kits

  • Military Models: DML is renowned for its military model kits, including tanks, armoured vehicles, soldiers, and diorama accessories.

  • Aircraft Models: DML's aircraft models encompass a broad range of subjects, from classic warplanes of World War II to modern jet fighters.

  • Ship Models: DML offers ship model kits that include historical sailing vessels and contemporary naval ships.

  • Space Models: The company produces model kits inspired by space exploration, including spacecraft, rovers, rockets, and related accessories.

  • Science Fiction Models: Dragon Models Limited produces science fiction model kits based on popular movies, TV series, and video games.

  • Figure Models: DML provides figurine model kits, often based on historical or military themes. These military figures are commonly used in dioramas to add realism and depth to the scenes.

  • Automobile Models: The company also offers a selection of car model kits

  • Accessories: Dragon Models Limited offers a range of modelling accessories, including photo-etched parts, decals, and aftermarket components to enhance the detail and customization of model kits.

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