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Kinetic Model Kits

Kinetic Plastic Models 

Kinetic Model Kits started releasing model kits from 2007 in Hong Kong. The company started with a focus on creating military vehicle and aircraft model kits. Kinetic gained recognition for its innovative approach to model kit design, incorporating advanced moulding techniques and attention to detail.  

Kinetic model kits are well detailed, offer many useful options and alternative position parts, and provide a wealth of ordnance. They provide a great level of detail straight out of the box. You can expect a wide variety of model subjects, including aircraft, armoured vehicles, ships, and automobiles, with aircrafts being most renowned. 

Kinetic has collaborated with various experts and institutions to ensure the authenticity and precision of their kits, particularly in the field of military and aviation models. The company established a global presence with distributors worldwide, allowing modellers from different countries to access their products easily.

Here are the primary categories of models made by Kinetic Model Kits:

  • Aircraft Models: Kinetic is renowned for its aircraft model kits, covering a wide array of subjects, from classic warplanes to modern jet fighters. These include popular RAAF Aircrafts, Hawk, Harrier and Hornet models.

  • Military Vehicle Models: The company offers armoured fighting vehicle model kits, including tanks, trucks, and support equipment such as Tow Tractors.

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