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Estes Rockets

Estes Rockets Australia

Estes Rockets is a leading brand of model rocketry products. Estes Rockets offers an extensive range of model rocket kits, engines, launch sets and accessories.

You’ll find something for both beginners and experienced rocketry enthusiasts when it comes to Estes Rockets. Explore and enjoy rocketry at various skill levels with these kits. They often include pre-cut parts and detailed instructions.

Moreover, Estes Model Rockets offer a variety of rocket engines and other accessories suitable for different rocket sizes and performance requirements. Some of the popular rocket types and accessories available include:

  • Beginner Rockets: These rockets are typically easy to assemble and launch, making them perfect for newcomers to model rocketry. They often come in kits with pre-cut parts and straightforward instructions, allowing beginners to get started with ease. This includes the Estes Flash Rocket and Athena Rocket.

  • Launch Sets: These sets typically include a launch pad and a launch controller. Launch pads provide a stable platform for rocket launches while launch controllers allow users to initiate the launch sequence safely from a distance. Popular launch sets include Flash, Tandem and Athena X Launch set.

  • Rocket Engines and Igniters: Estes provides a variety of rocket engines in different sizes and power levels suitable for various rocket models. These engines are needed for propelling the rockets into the sky. Igniters are used to start up the rocket engines and begin the launch.

  • Launch Supplies: This includes items like igniter plugs, recovery wadding and launch lugs that are essential for a successful launch and safe recovery of the rocket. Recovery wadding protects the parachute or recovery device from the hot gases generated during engine ignition.

Buy Estes Rockets today to up your STEM education and pursue your passion for aerospace exploration.

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