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Model Bases

Explore our wide range of 3d model bases, including clear display stand base, led turntable display base, acrylic display stands and more:

  • If you’re interested in rotating display turntables in Australia, we sell turntables from Trumpeter and Metal Earth.

  • For prominent display of your model collection, you can consider using quality acrylic display stands, such as Trumpeter Display Stands.

  • If you’re a model aircraft collector, don’t forget to display your models with a model airplane display stand. We have RAF & USAF themed displays also available.

  • We offer an LED turntable display base that includes a lit up base for brightening up your model and showcasing it in the best way.

  • Popular display stand base sizes are for 1/48 and 1/ 72 scale models.

  • These Display Bases are made of either durable foamex board, plastic, acrylic, mirror finish material, and other materials. 

Browse our display stand collection from Coastal Kits Display Bases, Trumpeter, Academy, Airfix and Metal Earth and get your hands on our display stand bases before they run out of stock. 

Consider our model display cases to showcase your models further, and if you’re looking for models to build, take a look at our model airplanes, model cars, or metal model kits