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The Invisible Man

Moebius The Invisible Man

*** SAVE $10.00 ***
1953 Hudson Hornet

Moebius 1953 Hudson Hornet

$69.95 ea
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Chrysler 300

Moebius Chrysler 300

$66.95 ea
Out of Stock Details

Moebius CYLON RAIDER (2 Pack )

$59.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
Flying Sub

Moebius Flying Sub

$139.00 ea
Out of Stock Details
Grim Reaper

Moebius Grim Reaper

$76.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
Lost In Space Jupiter 2

Moebius Lost In Space Jupiter 2

$199.00 ea
Out of Stock Details
Lost In Space Robot B9

Moebius Lost In Space Robot B9

$95.00 ea
Out of Stock Details
Lost in Space Space Pod

Moebius Lost in Space Space Pod

$84.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
Tractor Prime Mover Tire Set

Moebius Tractor Prime Mover Tire Set

*** SAVE $10.00 ***
Out of Stock Details
Trailer Wheel & Tyre Set

Moebius Trailer Wheel & Tyre Set

*** SAVE $10.00 ***
Out of Stock Details
Wheel & Tire Set

Moebius Wheel & Tire Set

$36.95 ea
Out of Stock Details

Moebius Models Australia

Moebius Models is a relatively recent addition to the modelling industry. This American company quickly gained recognition for its high-quality kits. They're particularly known for their science fiction and classic car model offerings, appealing to enthusiasts seeking detailed and accurate representations of iconic subjects.

Moebius Models is a respected manufacturer in the world of scale modelling, celebrated for its diverse and meticulously crafted kits. They have gained a reputation for producing high-quality model kits that cover a wide array of subjects, including science fiction, classic cars, and figures.

Moebius Models' is popular for their line of science fiction kits. They have expertly recreated iconic spacecraft and characters. These kits are revered by science fiction enthusiasts for their attention to detail and accuracy, allowing fans to bring their favourite on-screen creations to life.

Moebius Models offers a range of model kit types, including:

  • Science Fiction Models: Moebius Models is renowned for its science fiction kits, featuring iconic spacecraft and characters from popular franchises like "Battlestar Galactica," "Lost in Space," "The Munsters." Don’t forget to see the Moebius Models Star Trek kits in our collection as well!
  • Moebius Model Car Kits: These kits allow modellers to recreate classic and vintage cars with a high level of historical accuracy, making them popular among automotive enthusiasts.
  • Figure Models: Moebius Models offers figure kits that enable the assembly of characters and scenes from various genres, including historical figures and movie characters. These include the famous Moebius Batman Model kits.
  • Spacecraft Models: In addition to their science fiction offerings, Moebius Models provides spacecraft models that are not tied to specific franchises, offering a wide range of futuristic and imaginative subjects.
  • Fantasy Models: Moebius Models may offer kits based on fantasy themes, including mythical creatures, characters, and settings.
  • Monster Models: Some Moebius plastic kits are inspired by classic movie monsters, adding a touch of horror and nostalgia to their product line. These include the popular Grim Reaper and Invisible Man figures.

If you’re looking for more options consider checking out our car model kits, star trek models, space modelsmodel paints and glues.

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