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Zvezda Models Australia

Zvezda Models is a prominent and well-regarded manufacturer of plastic model kits based in Russia. Established in 1990, Zvezda has built a strong reputation for its diverse and high-quality products. The name "Zvezda" means "star" in Russian, and the company has lived up to this name by consistently producing star-worthy model kits.

Zvezda specialises in a wide range of subjects, including military vehicles, aircraft, naval vessels, and figures. Zvezda’s military models include intricate interior and exterior details that showcase the essence of the real vehicles.

Zvezda's lineup includes an extensive collection of historical figures and wargaming miniatures. These kits cater to enthusiasts of historical reenactment and tabletop gaming, offering finely sculpted figures that are both realistic and versatile.

The company's aircraft and naval kits also focus on authenticity in design and high-quality moulding. Zvezda consistently expands its product range to include contemporary and historically significant subjects.

Models & hobbies 4U offers a wide range of Zvezda Plastic Models including:

  • Military Vehicle Models: Zvezda is known for its highly detailed military vehicle kits, covering a wide range of armoured vehicles, Zvezda tanks, and artillery pieces from various historical eras.

  • Aircraft Models: Zvezda provides scale model kits representing both contemporary and historical aircraft, replicating the essence of these flying machines with precision.

  • Marine Models: Enthusiasts of naval history can enjoy Zvezda ship models that include warships, submarines, and other vessels from different time periods.

  • Historical Figure Models: Zvezda's historical figure kits are popular among reenactors and collectors, featuring finely sculpted and accurate representations of characters.

  • Wargaming Miniatures: Zvezda produces miniature figures for tabletop wargaming, covering a wide variety of historical periods and themes.

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