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I Love Kit


I Love Kit FOKKER DR.1

$98.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
Gloster Gladiator Mk2

I Love Kit Gloster Gladiator Mk2

$36.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
J2F Duck

I Love Kit J2F Duck

$69.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
M3A5 Medium Tank

I Love Kit M3A5 Medium Tank

$79.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
SBD-3/4 Dauntless

I Love Kit SBD-3/4 Dauntless

$185.00 ea
Out of Stock Details

I Love Kit Spad S.XIII

$86.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
USS Hornet CV-8

I Love Kit USS Hornet CV-8

$495.00 ea
Out of Stock Details
USS Yorktown Cv-5

I Love Kit USS Yorktown Cv-5

$239.00 ea
Out of Stock Details

I Love Kit Models

iLoveKit is a relatively recent addition to the world of scale modelling, with its origins dating back to the past decade. This brand was established with a vision to provide model enthusiasts with a unique and playful modelling experience. iLoveKit gained recognition for its creative designs, Since its inception, iLoveKit has continued to develop a growing portfolio of kits that appeal to a wide range of modellers, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. 

"I Love Kit" is a renowned brand in the world of military vehicle models, known for producing exceptional scale model kits that cater to the passion and precision of model enthusiasts and collectors. With a diverse range of military vehicles in various scales, "I Love Kit" has established itself as a trusted name in the modelling community.

Explore our collection of I Love Kit Military models including Model Aircrafts and Model Ships and add them to your display shelves. We also have the iconic I Love Kit Sherman Tank model in our Model Tank Collection.

Whether you have a passion for World War II tanks, modern armoured vehicles, or historical military transports, "I Love Kit" offers an extensive selection to satisfy your modelling desires. 

These model kits are carefully crafted ensuring that every aspect of the model is as true to life as possible. This dedication to authenticity allows hobbyists to recreate historical and contemporary military vehicles with unparalleled realism.

One standout feature of "I Love Kit" models is their attention to movable parts. Many kits include movable turrets, gun barrels, suspension systems, and other components, adding an interactive element to the modelling experience. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides an educational aspect by allowing enthusiasts to understand the functionality of these vehicles.

Additionally, "I Love Kit" provides comprehensive instructions and decals to help modellers achieve the desired level of detail and accuracy.