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Lifecolor Paints

Lifecolor Paints Australia

Lifecolor paints offer a premium range of water-based acrylic paints. They have a comprehensive palette perfect for various applications in modelling, diorama creation and other forms of art.

Lifecolor acrylic paints are known for their brilliant colour accuracy, vibrant hues and good coverage. Lifecolor's extensive colour range includes many shades and tones allowing users to achieve precise colour matching and blending for realistic and intricate detailing in their model building projects.

Lifecolor paints are formulated using a non-toxic, water-soluble formula that is odourless and environmentally friendly, making them safe for users and suitable for indoor use without strong chemical fumes.

Lifecolor Paint Types:

Lifecolor offers specialised paint sets and weathering products designed to simulate realistic weathering effects such as Lifecolor rust sets, dust and ageing, adding depth and authenticity to models and dioramas. Their paint sets are based on specific themes or subjects such as military vehicles, aircraft, figures or historical periods. These sets often include a selection of colours specifically chosen to replicate accurate paint schemes or colour patterns.

Lifecolor's liquid pigments consist of highly concentrated, water-based colours designed for creating weathering effects and stains on models and miniature surfaces. 

Lifecolor Paint Application:

The paints apply and stick well to different surfaces including plastic, resin, metal, wood and more. This means artists and modellers can try various mediums and substrates and still get consistent and durable results across different materials.

Lifecolor paints for their easy application, whether through airbrushing or brush painting. They have a smooth consistency for easy blending and layering, making it possible to create lifelike textures and effects.

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