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Rare & Collectable Model Kits

Rare Collectables & Early Model Kits

Explore our wide range of rare collectable models in Australia that include vintage aircraft models, bike models, cars, tanks, and various world war models from different brands.

  • You can choose from various themes, such as World War models [e.g. German World War Tanks, toy army soldiers and infantry], Spacecrafts, Star Trek Models, Architecture, Sports cars, Motorcycles, Ship Models etc.

  • Browse through our collectable aircraft models; some popular options include the Arado Ar 234, Avro Anson MK1 Colourful Annie, Beech C-45F, DHC-3 Otter U-1A, RAAF A-25 Shrike, and SH-60B Sea Hawk.

  • Our sports bike collection includes Bike Antena 3 Yamaha Yzr500 Team D'Antin 2002, Moto Guzzi V-10 Centauro and Bimota Tesi 1D 906SR.

  • Army Leaders WWII, German POW'S WWII, Peasants WWII, and USAAF Ground Crew are available in World war two vintage model kits.

All these exclusive old plastic model kits are from popular brands such as Tamiya, Revell, Verlinden, Kitech, Trumpeter, Showcase Models, AMT Models, Kittyhawk, Glencoe Models and more.

If you’re looking to browse more options, consider our model tanks, model ships, model airplanes, world war 1 models and WW2 models.