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Bronco Models


Bronco Scale Models

Bronco Models produces highly detailed and meticulously crafted model kits.

Found in China in 2004, the company started as a passion project for a group of model enthusiasts who aimed to produce model kits with new levels of accuracy and detail. Bronco Models initially focused on producing military model kits, particularly World War II-era model tanks and armoured vehicles. 

Over the years, Bronco Models expanded their product range to include various types of models including aircraft, battleship kits, and vehicle models. Bronco Models is also known for their diorama kits and accessories. The idea was to create realistic scenes to complement their static models, leading to diorama-specific kits like miniature military figures, buildings, and more.

For different models to work perfectly with others, Bronco Models 1/35 scale is a default for many of its products. One of the most popular Bronco plastic models include the Bronco Horsa Glider 1/35, a British troop carrier glider model that comes in two versions, the Airspeed AS 51 MK I and the AS58 MK II.

Bronco Models gained international recognition for their dedication to accuracy and detail with precision mould technology. They have introduced advanced moulding techniques, intricate photo-etched parts, and other innovations to enhance the quality of their kits.

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Build your Bronco Scale Models with precision and collect them all! Our owner, Chris Hale, at Models & Hobbies 4 U is committed to providing the best service for his customers with their Bronco plastic model kits. If you have any questions, you’re guaranteed to get quick and efficient assistance from our team so that you can continue with your modelling kits.

For more information on Bronco Models Australia, call Models & Hobbies 4U in Melbourne on (03) 9762 9266. Why put off all the fun? Call us today.

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