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Kites Australia

Kites for Sale Australia

Browse and buy kites in Australia for all ages from our selection of kites. We offer two types of dual-control and single string kites suitable for children, teenagers, and adults. 

Kites have been a fun and entertaining outdoor activity for kids and adults alike, and can be learned by everyone with some practice. 

  • In dual-line stunt kites, you can produce or release tension on each line. The kite turns right when you pull on the right line and left when you pull on the left line. 
  • In single-line kites, a string is attached to just one end, and once they take off, they float in the sky. A single-line kite can come in various shapes and sizes, including diamonds, deltas, boxes, and parafoils.

We have multiple dual-line kites for sale, including Backdraft High Performance, Black Widow, Firestorm Sports Kite, Flames, Ikon, Offshore 210 High Performance, Prism Stunt Kite, 10M Tubular, Stinger/Twister, etc.

Our single-line kites include Blue Butterfly, Dragon, Fire Dragon, Mermaid, Rainbow Butterfly, Shark, Unicorn, Waves Diamond, Dinosaurs, Pirate Delta, etc.

You can buy kites from two key brands, Ocean Breeze and Wind Speed

If you are looking for different outdoor activities with both learning and entertainment, we also have other fun and educational kits, such as model rocket kits, boomerangs, and Model Glider Kits.