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Hobby Airbrush Kits & Accessories

O Ring Set

Delta Tools O Ring Set

$14.95 ea
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Airbrush for Models

An airbrush is a tool used to apply colours and paint to a surface. In model building, an airbrush with an air compressor applies a smooth and even spray of paint on the model's surface, giving you the perfect finish for your model.

Buy airbrush kits and accessories for your model building needs, including replacement needles, nozzles, airbrush cleaners, airbrush air compressors, airbrush cleaning brush sets, and more.

  • We offer Replacement Needles of 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm while you can also check out replacement tip/nozzles in sizes 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.5mm.
  • We offer a variety of beginner airbrush kits and deals available for sale in Australia, along with Airbrush Air Compressors, Moisture Traps, Tool Cleansers, Airbrush cleaners and Airbrush Cleaning Pots. 
  • Other tools available include airbrush holders, 3-way airbrushes, airbrush spray guns, and dual action fans.

We offer products from various brands including Delta, H S Airbrushes, Tamiya, and Gunze Sangyo.

If you are looking for more tools and equipment to complete your model, you can have your pick from model glues, model paints, and other hobby tool kits.