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Artesania Latina


Artesania Latina Belem

$399.00 ea
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Artesania Latina HMS ENDEAVOUR Wooden Ship Kit

*** SAVE $40.00 ***
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Santa Ana

Artesania Latina Santa Ana

$975.00 ea
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WWI Sopwith Camel Fighter

Artesania Latina WWI Sopwith Camel Fighter

*** SAVE $54.00 ***
Out of Stock Details

Artesania Latina HAMMER

$9.95 ea
Out of Stock Details
Nail Setter

Artesania Latina Nail Setter

$15.95 ea
Out of Stock Details

Artesania Latina VICE

$29.95 ea
Out of Stock Details

The detailed and stunning replicas of famous ships by Artesania Latina is what you need for your spare time as someone who’s interested in ships or even if you just want a cool model to display in your study or lounge area. Most finished models actually end up as family heirlooms.

At Models & Hobbies 4U, the Artesania Latina models are designed to keep you tinkering for hours, months & sometimes years,  with their detailed recreation of famous boats and ships in their scaled models. The passion that Artesania Latina have for crafting their model kits is admirable as they only want to provide you with the best models in Australia.

The owner Chris Hale is particularly knowledgeable in this area having served on HMS Victory, having run night school courses & also helping to build & sail Melbourne's Tall Ship “The Enterprize”.


You can find quality Wooden Ship Kits at Models & Hobbies 4U store so you can enjoy building your own Artesania Latina model kits today!


About Artesania Latina Models

The Artesania Latina brand has been making wooden and metal models and model kits for over 50 years. The company was founded in 1970 in Spain and has continued to provide their customers with quality products made from quality materials so that their finished products can be displayed with pride.

Artesania Latina model kits in Australia are gaining popularity if you love building wooden ships from scratch. And with the affordable price of Artesania Latina hobby tools to help you build your wooden model kit, you don’t have to look further than the Models & Hobbies 4U store.

Browse our range of Artesania Latina Models

If you’re searching for “Artesania Latina model starter kits in Australia” look no further! At Models & Hobbies 4 U, we can help you find the right model for you to begin your journey in building your very own Artesania Latina model.

From the Jolie Brise wooden ship kit, the HMS bounty jolly boat, the Swedish Warship Wasa to the Belem, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered, no matter which Artesania Latina model you choose. The Artesania Latina model kits contain high quality laser cut wooden board pieces as well as the appropriate instructions to help you construct your model with ease.


Visit our Models & Hobbies 4 U store in Boronia, Victoria to get the best customer service in Australia for all your hobbyist needs.


Buy Artesania Latina Models for sale today

Our owner, Chris Hale, at Models & Hobbies 4 U is committed to providing the best service for his customers with their Artesania Latina model kits. If you have any questions, you’re guaranteed to get quick and efficient assistance from our team so that you can continue with your modelling kits.

Also check out our Model paints, glues and paint brushes to help complete your models.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a professional, you can always find what you’re looking for at our Models & Hobbies 4 U store and website. Feel free to give us a call on  (03) 9762 9266 if you have any questions or if you need assistance for your modeling needs.