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Model Gliders Australia

Gliders or Sailplanes are small gliding aircrafts often used in the leisure sport of Gliding or Soaring. Often unpowered, the gliding aircraft uses the varying and rising air currents in the atmosphere to pick up altitude. 

For long periods of floating in the air, gliders prevent drag by having long thin wings, a smooth body and a thin fuselage.

They can be launched with an elastic tow line or slingshot and also can be hand launched while the pilot is in fast motion.

Gliders can be a great way for kids and adults to learn more about aerodynamics, or to enjoy as a competition sport.

Gliders for Sale

Browse from our collection of Free Flight, Foam and Balsa gliders.

Balsa gliders are gliders made out of very lightweight pieces of wood. Most popular gliders are launched using rubber bands that turn propellers when released.

Our brands for Gliders include Model Engines and Guillows.