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H S Airbrushes

HSENG Airbrush Australia

HSeng or HaoSheng is a renowned brand in the airbrush industry, recognized for its high-quality airbrush kits that are ideal for both hobbyists and professional artists. Established in the 20th century, HSeng has developed a reputation for reliability and performance.

HSeng airbrushes offer a wide range of models to suit different skill levels and purposes. From single-action to dual-action airbrushes, HSeng’s product line can be suitable for beginners working on basic techniques, as well as more experienced artists. Dual Action Airbrushes by Hseng in particular [e.g. HS -80 Airbrush] offer greater control over airflow and paint flow. Hseng also has an airbrush spray painting booth for you to easily spray paint your models indoors without worrying about toxic paint fumes.

HSeng airbrushes use durable materials that ensure longevity and consistent performance. The ergonomic design of their airbrushes prioritises user comfort, for long model painting projects. 

HSeng also provides a big selection of accessories and spare parts [e.g. nozzles, needles, hoses, cleaning tools] for easy maintenance and customization of their airbrushes. A range of add-ons and replacement components make HSeng a go-to for your model airbrushing needs.

At Models & Hobbies, we have lots of Airbrush and compressor kit deals available to ease your model building process. 

If you’re looking for additional tools to complete your models, we also stock model paint, paint brushes, and hobby tool kits.

For more information on HS Airbrushes for model painting in Australia, call Models & Hobbies 4U in Melbourne on (03) 9762 9266. Why put off all the fun? Call us today.