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Deluxe Materials

Deluxe Materials

Explore our wide range of Deluxe materials, including auto mix nozzles, Foam & Foam Armours, Model Lite Balsa, Perfect Plastic Putty, and many more.

The Products we offer from Deluxe include Create and Shape, Glue Buster, Looks like Glass, Making Waves, Precision Plastic Glue, Roket Odourless, Sand 'n' Seal, Wonderfill, Aqua Magic, Pin Point Syringe Kit, etc. All the filling materials are available in different quantities so reach out to us with your preference!. 

Every product we offer from Deluxe serves different purposes to support your model building project such as Adhesives & Glues, Fillers & Plastic Putties, Sealants & Sealers, Glue Removers and Paint Strippers, Scenic Fibres & Water, Syringes & Nozzles, Dope, Epoxy & Resins, and other Modelling materials.

The brand Deluxe is popular around the globe for its model-making products. They offer products for models of different materials that include R/C Modelling, Railway, Scale & Plastics, Miniatures, Woodworking, and Electronics. Their product list includes Cyanoacrylates, Epoxies, Foam & Plastics, Emulsion Adhesives, Building & Finishing, Accessories, Scenic, and Lubricant. The company has distributors in many countries around the world.

If you are looking for more hobby materials, we also offer other products including model glue and putty, model paint brushes, and model tools and accessories.