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Vallejo Paints

Buy Vallejo Paints Australia

Explore our wide range of Vallejo Model Paints, Stainless Steel Applicators & Probes, Modelling Saw sets, and more.

We have the most popular Vallejo paint sets including UK Royal Airforce RAF Colors Bomber & Training Air Command, RAF Colors SEAC, and Titanic Colours Set.

  • Our Vallejo paint sets include various colors for painting models.

  • The stainless steel probes are used in re-scribing panel lines in the model, and steel applicators are ideal for putty application.

  • Vallejo Modelling Saw Set is ideal for precise sawing and cutting in plastic, wood, and photo-etched model kit parts. It's also used in model kits to illustrate interior detail. 

  • The Vallejo Paints Pick-Up Tool is ideal for picking up and positioning small etch parts.

  • The pigment kit includes four 30 mL assorted pigment bottles. It includes step-by-step instructions for obtaining the effects of rust and corrosion on models.

  • Vallejo Paints Pipettes are in Small and medium sizes. Vallejo's 1ml pipettes are suitable for transferring small amounts of paint to your airbrush. Medium-sized Pipettes are an essential tool for transferring paints to be mixed or stored, and they are simple to use and clean.

Additionally, if you are looking for something different in paints, you can check out our other model paints and model paint brushes.