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Childrens' Kites Australia

Explore our wide range of Single line kites for children. Our single string kites are suitable for children of all ages over 5 years.

Single line kites, as the name suggests, have only one string attached to them. They are easy to set up, launch and control without requiring too much time to soar higher in the sky. The main types of single line kites include delta, diamond, dragon, and parafoil kites, with dragon and parafoil kites being more suitable for experienced kite flyers.

Kites need an open space and windy conditions to fly best, so consider visiting the beach, or a public park to fly your kite. Make sure to never fly a kite in rainy weather or during a thunderstorm or windstorm.

We have some very colourful kites available for kids in creative shapes, prints and sizes such as a butterfly, dragon, shark, unicorn, mermaid, spider, eagle and more. We also have popular shapes including diamond kites and delta kites for sale.

Our collection of kites for kids comes from the brands Ocean Breeze and Wind Speed.

We offer these kids kites for sale on our website. In case you are looking for something different, we also offer other educational and fun kits such as Dual Control Kites for Teenagers and Adults & Glider kits.