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Metal Earth Fascinations

Big Ben

Metal Earth Fascinations Big Ben

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Metal Earth Models

Metal Earth is known for their sturdy metal sheet based models. Metal Earth models are challenging but entertaining at the same time and need lots of focus to handle them with precision and delicacy.

The best part? They require no glue or solder to be completed. Just use the tabs and connect them to the corresponding points and you can have a mess-free, fun-filled model building experience that goes from flat steel sheets to a finished DIY model in no time!

You get an easy to follow instruction manual with each model so you can replicate a perfect 3D metal model with no issues.

The metal finish of these models gives them a high quality and sophisticated look perfect for display cases that belong at the front of your model collection shelf without the need for any additional painting or tools.

Metal Earth Beginner Models

Metal Earth Beginner models kits are perfect introductions to the world of DIY metal model building. Designed with simplified instructions and fewer pieces, these entry-level kits offer a rewarding experience for newcomers. Crafted from laser-cut metal sheets, each model has a lower difficulty and skill level yet showcases intricate detailing and stunning accuracy. From iconic landmarks to charming creatures, these models allow beginners to create impressive miniature 3D metal sculptures without the need for specialised tools or expertise.

Metal Earth Premium Series

With intricate designs and advanced engineering, these kits offer a challenging yet deeply rewarding experience for seasoned modellers. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel or brass, the Premium Series includes complex structures, iconic landmarks, and sophisticated vehicles, each boasting astonishing detail and precision. Expert hobbyists delight in the complexity of assembling these 3D masterpieces, utilising their skills to bend and connect the intricate parts with precision. The Metal Earth Premium Series means working on a larger, more detailed model, that is sure to be fun for enthusiastic model builders. 

Metal Earth Model Themes:

We have Metal Earth models across multiple themes. Take a look at our many options and collect your favourites. Some popular themes include:

  • Landmarks: Iconic structures from around the world, such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Taj Mahal, and Statue of Liberty.
  • Vehicles: Historic and vintage cars models like the Ford Model T to Australian classics like the Melbourne Tram celebrate the allure of automobiles and locomotives.
  • Aircraft: An array of legendary planes, including fighter jets and historic warplanes, showcasing the fascinating world of aviation.
  • Space: From NASA's Apollo Lunar Module to the awe-inspiring Hubble Space Telescope, these models celebrate humanity's fascination with space exploration. Explore rovers, rockets, satellites and space station model kits.
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Immerse in fictional realms with models inspired by pop culture [Star Wars, Star Trek Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and other beloved franchises].
  • Creatures and Characters: From animals and insects to robots and superheroes, these models bring beloved creatures and characters to life in intricate detail.
  • Architecture: Delve into architectural wonders like bridges, cathedrals, and pagodas, highlighting human ingenuity and engineering brilliance.
  • Military: Historic tanks and military vehicles offer a glimpse into significant moments in history and the evolution of warfare.

Metal Earth Star Wars

Metal Earth Star Wars model kits bring the beloved galaxy far, far away to life in intricate metal form. From iconic starships like the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter to legendary characters like Darth Vader and Yoda, these DIY kits capture the essence of the Star Wars universe. With precise detailing and assembly, fans can recreate their favourite scenes and immerse in the timeless saga.

Marvel Metal Earth

Metal Earth Marvel models bring the Marvel Universe's superheroes and villains to life in stunning metal form. From Iron Man's iconic armour to Thor’s Hammer, these intricate DIY kits showcase beloved characters and their equipment. Assemble the Avengers, capturing the essence of Marvel's iconic comic book and cinematic adventures in impressive detail.

Metal Earth Batman Models

Metal Earth Batman models encapsulate the essence of the Dark Knight in intricate metal form. From the Bat-Signal to the Batmobile, these DIY kits allow fans to construct iconic elements from Batman's world. With precision detailing and craftsmanship, enthusiasts can recreate Gotham City's vigilante and immerse themselves in the mystique of one of DC Comics' most iconic superheroes.

If you’re looking for more model building options consider our time for machine models, car model kits, space models, star war model kits, and star trek models.