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Da Vinci Models

Discover our range of Da Vinci Models that are built with top-quality materials. These wooden models are easy to assemble and great for display. 

Da Vinci Wooden Models are our best-selling educational models that include Da Vinci Flying Machine Model, Academy da Vinci Clock, Catapult, Self-propelling Cart and more. Our fan favourite Leonardo Da Vinci Ornithopter model can be built by children of ages as young as 9. 

These models are best suited for school projects from beginner to advanced level. For example, the Aerial Screw models are created by a scientific educator, enabling you to construct one of Leonardo da Vinci's most well-known works of art while learning about science and history.

These kits come with two bases, a storage box for the components, and three-part trees, and are moulded in styrene that has a wood-coloured appearance. These do not require any batteries or paint for assembling. If glue is necessary it will be included in the package.

Academy products comply with all safety requirements and specifications outlined by ASTM. The models are manufactured by untreated, pure wood from managed forests.

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