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Model Glue Cement & Putty

Milliput Black

Milliput Milliput Black

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Plastic Model Glue & Cement

When building scale models with precision and a professional finish, adhesives such as glue, plastic cement and putties are used. Explore our range of plastic modelling glues and cements to find the perfect one for your model collection. 

Types of Model Glue & Cement

Depending on your model type and size, you may need to pick the right glue thickness to not make your model appear clunky and poorly done. Consider our extra thin cement options in that case which work on micro-fine glueing of joints. You can also find model cement and glues of varying strength, and can choose one based on your model type. Fixing up a model car engine, a model boat hull or a model aircraft fuselage? Consider the extra strength glue for this kind of precision work.

Our cements and glue options are not only for plastic model kits, but also include adhesives for foam to foam, or applying tissue decor to foam models. If you’re looking to fill something between the cracks, we have lightweight filler grain options available as well as dissolved and plastic putty for that perfect sealing job.

Not happy with the final model appearance?  If you want to hide those small imperfections look into using our model surfacers.

Safety & Precaution

Prevent a mess and protect yourselves by ensuring to wear protective rubber gloves or to wash your hands soon after exposure to prevent any skin irritations or injuries. Consider options such as brush applicators, pump sprays, long tubes or ultra fine glueing tips for maximum protection and precision. 

Model Glue Supply Brands 

Have your pick from a range of brands including Model Engines, Zap Super Glue, Tamiya, Deluxe Materials, Revell, Gunze Sango, Humbrol and Milliput