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Model Rockets

Model Rockets are miniature rocket models designed to reach lower altitudes and can be retrieved through multiple means once launched.

Building and testing model rockets is a creative and inspiring hobby for kids and preteens that may want to pursue science and engineering as they grow older, or go as far as to pursue aerospace and aeronautical sciences to become rocket scientists!

Despite the extent of Model Rocket Safety Code issued by governments, rocketry is a much safer hobby in line with all rules followed, and can be a learning filled experience for builders and observers both.

Estes Rockets are the most popular model rockets supplier available today, with Estes Rockets being the primary source of model rockets, launch equipment and motors for low to moderate power rocketry. 

Toy Rockets Australia

Explore our range of Model Rocket Kits for adults and kids alike. Our rocket model building collection spans across different rocket parts including model rocket engines, beginner model rocket starter sets, rocket launch sets and recovery wadding.