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Master Box

Masterbox Scale Models

Master Box is a renowned manufacturer of plastic model kits, specialising in figures and vehicles for model builders and hobbyists. They have gained recognition for their attention to detail and high-quality products.

Master Box is known for their figure sets. These finely crafted figures represent various historical periods, themes, and scenarios. Whether you're interested in military, fantasy, or everyday life, Master Box offers figures that add a human element to your dioramas and models. The masterbox model figures are rich in character and often come with multiple pose options, providing flexibility for your creative projects.

Master Box also produces vehicle model kits, including tanks, armoured vehicles, and cars. These kits are designed with precision, incorporating intricate details that capture the essence of the real vehicles. The company's commitment to accuracy shows in their vehicle models, making them ideal for both experienced modellers and newcomers.

Popular Master Box Model kits available at Models & Hobbies 4U include:

  • Master Box WWI and World War II Figures: Master Box offers a wide range of figures representing soldiers and civilians from these significant historical periods.
  • Truckers Series: Explore the world of long-haul trucking with kits depicting truck drivers and their rigs.

What sets Master Box apart is their storytelling approach. Many of their sets tell a narrative through the figures and vehicles included. This unique perspective allows model builders to create dynamic and engaging scenes that go beyond traditional static displays.  

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