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Many grownups in Australia will remember their Scalextric slot cars, the really cool Formula 1 or sedan racers they got for Christmas or a birthday as a kid. They rushed home from school and dashed off their homework so they could play racing cars with their mates. Their Scalextric sets of model Bathurst, Ford, Moffat, Falcon, Sierra, Holden and other famous cars were their favourite fun possessions.

It’s probably safe to say most Scalextric slot car sets are sold to model car enthusiasts who freely admit their passion began when they were young. And as kids, they started out building plastic models because they weren’t old enough to have a real car.

Many car modellers have caught onto the Scalextric sets Australia-wide craze and it’s growing! For collectors and modellers who want to branch out into the exciting world of slot car racing, Scalextric sets are the easiest way to start and expand on existing layouts. Start browsing and find high quality classic, micro and digital scalextric sets for sale at Models & Hobbies 4U today!


 At Models & Hobbies 4U, we have a broad range of Scalextric products, so have a browse for standard, micro, and digital Scalextrics sets, supercars and more!


Scalextric Sets For Sale

Scalextric Sets for sale include standard, micro and digital sets, and there’s something in this range for everyone, from beginners to masters of the art of slot car racing. Scalextric launches new changes every year. The sets from the Scalextric brand reflect the technological advancements of the exciting activity of slot car racing and include many different parts and accessories. 

Browse our catalogue at Models & Hobbies 4U to find the best classic Scalextric slot car vehicles, accessories like remote controls or controllers, road parts and extensions, as well as so much more. Whether you’re after a gift or finding a new Scalextric set for yourself, you’ll find a heap of suitable options to choose from. 

For more information about our Scalextric slot car sets for sale or for any questions on our Scalextric toys, products, prices, shipping, etc. call Models & Hobbies 4U on (03) 9762 9266 today.