Tornado GR 1

Revell 1/ 72 Tornado GR 1

#RK 95-04619
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Scale 1/ 72 Brand Revell Overview

Tornado GR 1

The Tornado is one of the most successful and versatile NATO weapons systems and has already proved itself in many conflicts. At the beginning of any conflict RAF Tornados equipped with ALARM missiles are among the first allied aircraft to fly their hazardous air defence mission into enemy air space.

They are followed by other Tornado units that can safely fly in and make precision bombing attacks on enemy positions. With their large 2250 litre auxiliary tanks, the RAF Tornados also have an abnormally long range. The max. speed is 1340 km/h at 150 m.

- New die with extensive external loads.
- 2 ALARM guided missiles
- 2 laser guided bombs
- 4 1000 lb bombs
- 2 large auxiliary tanks
- Sky Shadow pod and FLIR
- Flush metal joints
- Detailed cockpit with die-stamped instrument panel
- Detailed landing gear
- Movable variable geometry wing
- In-flight refuelling probe

No. of parts 198

Length 243 mm

Wingspan 201 mm

Skill Level 4