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Enamel Paints 14ml
Enamel Paints 14ml
Enamel Paints 14ml
Enamel Paints 14ml
Enamel Paints 14ml
Enamel Paints 14ml

Humbrol Paints Enamel Paints 14ml

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Brand Humbrol Paints Overview


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This will allow me to substitute your requirements with an alternative brand, if necessary, to complete your requirements.

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Humbrol Enamel Hobby Paint

  • Item Type: Colour Enamel Paints
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Quantity: 14 ml 
  • Drying time: 6-24 hours
  • Storage: Room temperature
  • Materials: Wood, glass, plastic, hardboard, metal

Humbrol Enamel Model Paints

Buy from our wide range of Humbrol Enamel Paints for your Enamel Paint Model & Hobby collection. Build models to scale and paint them to authentic representation of originals using quality paint pigments in a variety of colours.

Make your replica as real as possible with Humbrol model enamel paints which are made from oil based components and can be used on wood, plastic, glass, hardboard and metal. The paint pigment dries in to a hard finish which will not peel off and give a vibrant appearance to your model or arts and craft project, both indoors and outdoors.

Both beginners and expert model builders can use this easy to use hobby paint.

Colour ranges include Enamel Satin, Enamel Gloss, Enamel Metallic, Enamel Metalcote & Enamel Matte Colours with Matte range having the widest colour options.

Directions for Model Painting:

For best results, always use a paint primer on your model before applying the humbrol enamel paints. Since they are thick in consistency, make sure to stir the paint in the tin, scooping it out on a plastic palette, and then using your enamel paint brush to apply a smooth and even coating of paint to your model.

If you find the paint too thick for your needs, you can use paint thinner to dilute the paint, but you may end up needing multiple coats of paint for optimal coverage [make sure to let the first paint coat dry before adding on another one]. The drying of paint can take between 6 hours to a full day depending on the temperature and moisture conditions.  

To protect yourself from any adverse events, paint in a ventilated room, and wear protective eye masks to prevent any splashes in the eye. Store your paint at room temperature but first clean off the paint from the edges to ensure a tight seal. Since Humbrol enamel paints are a solvent based paint, use a solvent based cleaner to clean enamel paint brushes at the end.

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