USS Arizona
USS Arizona
USS Arizona
USS Arizona

Trumpeter 1/200 USS Arizona

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Scale 1/200 Brand Trumpeter Overview

USS Arizona

The 2nd US Navy Pennsylvania class battleship, famed for her destruction at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Kit represents 1941 fit and incorporates excellent 2-piece optional full or waterline hull, multi-part main deck with engraved plank detail, highly detailed upperworks, full complement of highly detailed ship's boats, 2 clear-molded Vought Kingfisher floatplanes, fine deck fittings, full secondary and anti-aircraft batteries plus option to build main turrets with pivoting guns or with molded blast bags.

Also includes nylon line for rigging cranes, metal parts (turned main battery gun barrels, anchor chain, propeller shafts, upper/lower hull joining screws and rods for main gun pivot axes) plus 3-sheets of photo-etch parts (including railings for all deck levels and signal yards).

Color painting guide with profiles and overhead plan view - decals for hull marks, jack, ensign, admiral's pennant, signal flags and aircraft markings. Completed model is approximately 36.5" long.


Model Brief:  Length: 926.6mm  Width: 162.4mm
Total Part: 1048pcs
Metal Part: Gun barrelx12, chain, shaft, screw
Photo Etched Part: 4 pcs
Total Sprues: 34 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and deck

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