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Holden VL Commodore - 1987 Spa 24hs - Moffat + Harvey

Scalextric 1/ 32 Holden VL Commodore - 1987 Spa 24hs - Moffat + Harvey

#57 C4433
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Scale 1/ 32 Brand Scalextric Overview

Holden VL Commodore 1987 - Spa 24 hr

  • Item Type: Slot Race Car 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Product Code: C4433
  • Colour: Blue & White
  • Theme: Racing
  • Race: Spa 24 Hours
  • Drivers: Moffat/ Harvey
  • Car Model: 1987 VL Commodore
  • Car Manufacturer: Holden
  • Digital Plug Type: C8515
  • Age: 3+

The Holden VL Commodore is an Australian-made classic car that has a rich history in the world of racing. In 1987, the car was entered into the Spa 24-hour endurance race, driven by legendary drivers Allan Moffat and John Harvey. The car was adorned with the iconic red and blue Peter Jackson branding, which quickly became a symbol of excellence in the world of motorsports.

The Holden VL Commodore was known for its excellent handling and superior performance on the track. It was powered by a high-performance engine that allowed it to reach incredible speeds and maintain its position over long distances.

The car's success against its class rival RS500s at the 1987 Spa 24-hour race cemented its place in racing history and made it a beloved vehicle among racing fans. Today, the car is a cherished part of Australian motorsports culture and is often featured in racing exhibitions and events.

Holden VL Commodore Model Car 1987

Get ready to race with the Scalextric 1/32 Holden VL Commodore Slot Car! This high-quality and detailed model is a must-have for any racing enthusiast, featuring a realistic design that captures the spirit of the iconic Holden VL Commodore.

The Scalextric Holden VL Commodore is designed for maximum performance, with a high-powered motor and precision handling that makes it perfect for racing on any Scalextric track. The car comes with everything you need to get started, including a guide blade, rear wing, and braids.

  • High Detail
  • Magnatraction
  • Front Lights
  • Rear Lights
  • Digital Plug Type: C8515
  • Easy Change Guide Blade

Order your Scalextric 1/32 Holden VL Commodore - 1987 Spa 24hs - Moffat + Harvey slot car today and experience the thrill of racing like never before!


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