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Humbrol Clear - 125ml Bottle

Humbrol Paints Humbrol Clear - 125ml Bottle

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Brand Humbrol Paints Overview

Humbrol Clear - 125ml Bottle

A thin clear varnish that goes on clear and stays clear. Humbrol Clear drys to a low gloss finish, a higher gloss finish can be achieved by applying further thin coats.


A water-soluble, self leveling gloss medium that can be prepare painted surfaces for decals, as a gloss varnish and to improve the appearence of clear parts.


Apply thinly with a brush or airbrush. To achieve a high gloss finish, apply additional coats.

Drying Time

Surface dry in 30 minutes. Recoat once dry.

How to Clean


In this video we show you the uses of the new Humbrol Clear Gloss Varnish.



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