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LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine
LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine
LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine
LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine
LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine
LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine

DDA Australian Model Car Kits 1/ 24 LC/LJ 253/308 V8 Engine

#DDA 624A
In Stock
Scale 1/ 24 Brand DDA Australian Model Car Kits Overview

LC/LJ 253/308 - Miniature V8 Engine Kit Australia

  • Item Type: Car Engine Model Kit
  • Code: #DDA 624A
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Unpainted [Multicoloured]
  • Theme: Australian Cars
  • Model Type: Holden LC/LJ 253/308
  • Age: 14+
  • Additional: paint and glue/cement required

You can’t go without collecting this popular mini V8 engine model kit if you are a fan of automotives. 

This V8 engine assembly model kit provides a detailed model building experience to car enthusiasts, with the chance to build a Holden 253 V8 engine/ 308 Holden V8 engine. These engines are suitable for Holden LC and LJ Torana models.

This plastic kit accessory pack includes:

  • Engine block
  • Battery
  • Extra Bonnet
  • Engine bay
  • Exhaust piping
  • Radiator
  • Roll cage/ Roll bars

To build this V8 model engine kit, you will require glue, cements and paints for assembly and painting. Grab your 253/308 V8 engine today and make sure to collect the remaining DDA engine kits too!

Holden V8 Engine - 253/308

Are you a car and car engine enthusiast? Then you’re no stranger to the ever popular V8 engine.

A V8 car engine has eight cylinders arranged in two banks of four, forming a "V" shape. 

This arrangement provides muscle cars power and smoothness, The V8 engine has a high horsepower and acceleration with its advanced versions also including turbocharging or direct fuel injection.

Holden also produced the iconic V8 engine for its Australian cars between 1969-2000. This included an economy 253 ci engine [4.2L] and a larger performance version, the 308ci [5.0L]. Both the Holden 253 and 308 V8 engines are considered mechanically similar. The V8 engine was introduced to the Holden LJ Torana model in 1972.

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