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Humbrol Paints DecalFix

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Brand Humbrol Paints Overview

DecalFix 28ml Bottle

Softens decals and secures them in place. For use with decals to improve adhesion and help conceal carrier film.

Use to soak decal and apply thinly to the surface area before and after the decal has been positioned to help soften and draw the decal to the surface. Leave overnight to dry.

How to use

Shake before use.
Cut decal and soak in solution for around one minute until decal starts to come away from the carrier sheet.
Brush a small amount of solution on to the destination area.
Slide the decal from the carrier sheet on to the destination area using a soft brush.
Remove excess Decalfix solution with a soft brush and gently dabbing with a tissue.
Leave to dry for a minimum of 6 hours to fully set and harden. Decals are usually scratchproof with 24-48 hours.