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Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV
Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV
Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV
Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV
Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV
Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV

AFVClub 1/ 35 Vietnam Australian M113A1 LRV

#AFV 35291
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Scale 1/ 35 Brand AFVClub Overview

1/35 US M113 Vietnam Version with Australian Decals

  • Item Type: Tank Model Kit
  • Code: #AFV 35291
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Unpainted [Multicoloured]
  • Theme: Military [Armored Personnel Carrier APC]
  • Model Dimensions: 14 x 7.5 x 7 cm
  • Age: 14+
  • Model includes: Plastic Sprues, Photoetched Frets, Rubber, Decal sheet, instructions

This stunning model of the M113 Australian Vietnam APC version is an exciting replica of the historic war tank, designed for enthusiasts and model builders. It comes with detailed decals and painting instructions. You will need paint, cement and tools to complete this model as per the instructions provided.

Key Features:

  • New tooling parts for Australian Army M113 APC ‘Nam period.

  • Brand new Australian Army M113 APC configured top deck.

  • New T50 turret with internal details

  • All New Australian Army infantry weapons set in the VN War period.

  • New decal and painting instruction for units served in the Vietnam War period.

Australian M113 Vietnam

The Australian M113 Vietnam APC was used during the Vietnam War as a key asset for the Australian army. In 1958 when the Australian Army decided to revamp its army, two military vehicles were brought in to test and replace the wheeled FV603. This included the M113 taken from the US, and the FV432 from the UK. The M1131 rose as the APC choice and its orders began arriving in Australia from 1964. Between 1965 and 1972, around 200 variants of the M113 were deployed in Vietnam by the Australian Army, before it pulled out of the war in May 1972.

This variant of the M113 armoured personnel carrier was designed to work with the challenging terrain and combat conditions faced in Vietnam. With alterations such as improved ventilation and firepower enhancements, this tank could better withstand the tropical climate and counter enemy positions effectively.

The M1131 APC was equipped with armour protection and capable of carrying a squad of infantry. This meant it was an important vehicle for troop transportation in dense vegetation and rural areas. And ideal for a wide range of missions including reconnaissance, patrols and medical evacuation.

The Australian M113 Vietnam played a significant role in supporting Australian and allied operations throughout the conflict, demonstrating its value as a resilient and adaptable armoured vehicle in challenging combat environments.

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